Jul 27, 2014

Popular BookFest@Malaysia: Meet the Authors Session

The authors of "Keep Investment Simple and Stupid" Series were invited to the largest Book Festival at South East Asia to hold a "Meet the Authors" session. Popular BookFest@Malaysia is held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. It is unfortunate that Benny Lee is unable to join us as he is helping to organize a church camp at Taman Negara. Meanwhile, Jonathan Quek and I had much fun sharing and interacting with the audience.

Holy S**T. They spelt my name wrongly!!
I got the chance to share on "5 Elements of Successful of Successful Investors" while Jon shared his insight on the secrets behind central banks and the role that Gold and Sliver will play in the years to come.

In other news, Popular has mi-spelt my name and all my Malaysian partners were so amused by this that they started to call me "Xiao Lye" from that day on... <Face Palm>
The list of prominent authors sharing their secrets during the Popular Bookfest
The crowd is so thick that it is crazy!
Jon posing while I was sharing on the 5 Elements of Successful Investors

My turn to pose while it was his turn. Haha

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