Sep 16, 2014

A Funny Episode while Planning for our Wongamania Crowdfunding Campaign

Our Crowdfunding campaign kick off officially on 15th of August.

Setting up the entire campaign is a pretty intense experience. Here is a breakdown on the amount of time I took to setup the entire campaign.

Here is the link to the campaign

Crowdtivate Rewards Tier Planning - 2 Week

This is probably one of the most grueling experience of the entire campaign. I always have a lot of fun going through other people Kickstarter's reward tiers and criticizing the stupidity of some of the rewards. My mockery of other projects's rewards have came back to haunt me, as I plan for the tiers myself. I rope in the help of a good friend who volunteered to help me study and come up with the reward tiers, and this is what he came up with.

The first reaction, when presented to the team, "Why bookmark! Nobody reads a physical book these days!"

The second reaction was, "Wow, there is a lot of eating and drinking rewards!"

My friend drying replied, "Singaporean love to eat and drink."

Looks like I will have to take over the planning of the tiers myself!

The first problem is: How to reward my supporters for a low tier $5-$10 reward without resorting to a "Thank you Email" or "Lots of Hugs" card with kiss lipstick marks from the ladies of the team. 

What about some food and drinks and a chance for the supporters to try out the game on their own before they choose to support the game? Besides, Singapore is quite a small city and this should work quite well. So I priced the 1st tier at $8 for an invitation along with food and drinks.

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