Nov 30, 2014

Who Knows which Industry is worth 35 Trillion dollars?

It's a lazy Sunday morning and I am doing my usual stuff, eating breakfast and surfing facebook.

I came across this sponsored post that screams


How to start a business with low start up cost in a 35 Trillion Industry

Well, I am pretty happy with my job, but I don't mind another business whereby people slave away doing the hard work for me. Wow, a 35 Trillion Industry! Does the ad means 35 trillion dollars or 35 trillion people or 35 trillion planets.

Wait a minute....

The world's total GDP is around $74 Trillion in 2013 and the United States total GDP is around $17 Trillion. What industry in the world is equal to half of that of the world's GDP? Property? Oil? McDonalds?
Nevermind, 35 Trillion of anything sounds good. Let me click on the advertisement

A business that can generate 7% ROI per month! Eh, so is this an investment or business. Sounds like an investment scheme to me. Normally for business, we use ROE (Return on Equity) or Profit Margin to understand the profitability of the business. Interestingly, there is absolutely no mention of the type of business, the details of the content of the workshop or even the name of the company involved. We only have a grinning man in a suit and tie with no mention of who he is.

Okie, maybe if I click Register, they may provide me with more information...

Bollocks! Please complete this form to reserve your seat! No other information other than the same unknown, seemingly successful Chinese gentlemen smiling at me. They wanted my most important details like Name, Email and Mobile! I might give these details if it is a beautiful woman smiling at me but not a dude! And I don't even know what this company or organization is and they are telling me that my privacy is protected?!! I won't even have a name to give to PDPC if I want to file a complain if my data is compromised.

Nope, I am not going to give you my details, even for 35 Trillion ... whatever.

Anyone out there is brave enough to venture into the Cave of Darkness and tell me what's inside?

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