Dec 16, 2014

Wongamania's Crowdfunding Campaign Ends. Thank you Supporters!

Our crowdfunding campaign at Singapore crowdfunding platform has finally ended on Monday (15th Dec 2014). Even though it is a pity that we fell short of our crowdfunding goal of $10,000, we learn a lot about the ins and outs of starting and executing a crowdfunding campaign and what are some of the improvements that we can include in our next crowdfunding campaign.

What? Another crowdfunding campaign? Are you going to relaunch Wongamania again?

No, we are not relaunching Wongamania as crowdfunding is not meant as a platform to sell manufactured products. We are planning to launch another 2 exciting new products in 2015 which we intend to source for our funding via US Kickstarter. These 2 projects are on top of the Wongamania mobile application that we are developing and yes, 2015 will be a very busy year! We will announce more details at the end of 2015.

There are many of you who are curious to see the final outcome of our Angel Investor tier at Crowdtivate whereby we pledge to illustrate a likeness of our sponsors, into our cards. We have 2 sponsors for that tier and here are their original picture and how they look in Wongamania.

There has been comments by our sponsors that they look much rounder in the cards than they do in real life. I have to apologize as that is part of the overall look and feel of our characters and all our characters in Wongamania has a curvy round look. I understand that this style of drawing is pretty appealing to young pretty ladies so.....

Anyway, thank you Alvin and Melvin for your support!

Watch out for our announcements for the plans of our product line-ups in the coming weeks!

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