Aug 3, 2015

Profit Mastery Seminar - Mastering the Art of Making Profit

 People always ask me this question after the end of every talk I give.

"Xeo, where is a good place to start learning about personal finance & investing?"

This time around, I have a very good answer for them.

You can try attending the Profit Mastery Seminar.

The seminar is organized by Wealth Directions , one of the most highly respected investment training firm in Singapore and they have invited a well rounded pool of speakers that will cover topics such as Stock Investing Psychology, Insurance & Retirement Planning, Technical Analysis and Global Economics. These are some of the most important topics which newbie investors should understand before dipping further into advance techniques and strategies.

Right now, there is an early bird price till 1st of Sept at a 50% discount of just $10! Just key in EARLY50 at the registration site to be eligible for the discount.

Click Here to find out more about the event and who are the speakers involved!

Coming up next... a breakdown on one of the most exciting month we have not not seen for the past 3 years: 5 Economics Lessons that We Learnt in July.

Stay tune!

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