Nov 13, 2015

Game Start Asia 2015 - First Glimpse of Sony Playstation VR System

What is a game convention only without any board games!

Capital Gains Studio bravely ventures into the world of digital gaming and set up a booth at Game Start Asia 2015 to showcase the beauty of cardboard and social interaction via their economic board game, Wongamania: Banana Economy.

Game Start Asia has allocated a business day on Friday to allow media, game insiders and VIP guests to have a first look and try at some of the latest games available. Consumers will be able to attend the convention on Saturday and Sunday. After showcasing the beauty of cardboard games for a couple of hours, we decided to venture to the gaming booths which has a relatively light crowd.

After my experience with Tokyo Game Show whereby there are long queues everywhere, making it almost impossible to play some of the best and innovative games out there. Getting a slot in one of the virtual reality games is mission impossible.

The Crowd at Tokyo Game Show
Thus, the first port of call of Game Start Asia is the Playstation VR Booth whereby we get to pick on of the 6 programs which we can try/ I tried out Summer Lesson which is essentially a Japanese style dating sim whereby you get to be a Japanese Sensei, teaching a hot gorgeous blond chick about Japanese. She sits very close beside you and you stare into her eyes, while you stare into hers. Irresistibly, you will feel like reaching out your hand to.....

The list of VR programs you can try out

Playstation VR booth. Staff kindly helped me took pictures

What you see on 2D screen for Lesson Time

Well, I guess you get the picture. I can imagine a whole lot of applications for this kind of interaction.

As a Hearthstone player, I am pretty excited by the upcoming "Leagues of Explorer" adventure. Guess what, you can get to try out the stages ahead of the official launch of the adventure! I had a first hand feel of the new powerful legendary cards which the new adventure has to offer.

Hearthstone's Leagues of Explorer 2nd tier

The cards rewards for the last tier

There are tons of things to see and do at Game Start Asia include the Street Fighter / fifa game tournaments, beautiful ladies to take pictures with, the latest Naruto Shippuden game, the amazing Star Wars battlefront.

Street Fighter Competition

Some of our best home grown game designers are also at the convention so do drop by their booths and take a look at some of the amazing video games that they have created!

Some of the best homegrown game designers are at Game Start Asia

Lastly, you must absolutely visit the Capital Gains Studio Booth with their amazing Wongamania board game. That is one booth that you cannot miss at Game Start Asia! Wongamania: Banana Economy will be launching a Kickstarter on 19th November and there is no reason not to back their campaign!

Game Start Asia 2015
Suntec Convention Hall 401 - 402

Event Dates and Hours:
14 Nov (Sat) - 10am to 9pm
15 Nov (Sun) - 10am to 8pm

Disclaimer: The author of this blog is also the game designer of Wongamania. Treat his recommendations with absolute care! The author of this blog was also not invited as a media representative to the event and he paid an extremely expensive ticket (to a booth) in order to enjoy all the perks and privileges. In fact, he did not even get a goodie bag!
Great Game! Must visit the booth!

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