Nov 25, 2015

Kickstarter Lesson #4 Adobe Photoshop is an Essential Skill

As a blogger, I am used to a wide variety of editing tools the authoring platform allows me to do. Center alignment, highlights, quote marks and if we like, gain access to the HTML codes to work on the layout and format which I will like the blog post to look like.

When I started the creator account with Kickstarter, I was expecting something similar, thanks to the many beautifully crafted Kickstarter campaign pages which I have seen. To my horror, the tools to the Kickstarter authoring tool are way way way too limited...

 There is only 9 authoring tool for you to choose from: Bold, Underline, Header, Bullet Point, URL Link, URL delink, Video, Picture and Music (Which nobody uses anyway). You cannot even choose your own font!!

With all these limitation, extensive use of Adobe Photoshop is your only way our in developing a presentable Kickstarter campaign page. If you suck at with graphic design, you can either beg, borrow or steal a friend who is competent in Adobe Photoshop or graphic design, or you can always hire an expensive graphic designer to help you plan and design your campaign page.

So if you are looking to launch your own Kickstarter project in the near future, my advice to you. Start learn Adobe Photoshop!

And in case you are wondering what is the maximum pixel width of Kickstarter, it is 620px.

You are welcome...

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  1. The ability to create and modify the allocation is an important skill for any user Photoshop. A learn photoshop many years...And I still dont know all its features..I even have a blog about photoshop mac plugins for hdr


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