Dec 1, 2015

Kickstarter Lesson #6: Learn by Backing Other Projects

There is so many things to look out for while running a Kickstarter projects and one of the most important skill that every creator must have is effective stakeholder or backer communication. This includes sending individual messages to thank backers, planning status updates during the campaign, doing cross project collaborations with other creators, informing backers on status of manufacturing, shipping updates etc. There has to be constant communication between the creator and backers that the only way to see all these activities going on is to actually back a Kickstarter project.

From there, you will learn about what are some of the best practices executed by seasoned Kickstarter creators or see for yourself firsthand, some of the communication and PR disasters committed by ill-prepared creators. There is no greater learning experience from backing a project on day one and receiving the rewards a few months down the road. During my preparation to run the Wongamania: Banana Economy  campaign, I backed one of the most successful Kickstarter campaign of 2014, Exploding Kittens  and I am learn a lot from one of the most successful Kickstarter campaign of all time.

If you feel that you are a bit tight on budget (Damn you Black Friday Sales!), you can look out for the $1 pledge which many Kickstarter campaigns offer. This also allows you to diversify your experiences in different kinds of projects which will offer a vastly different experience. Although the concept of running any Kickstarter campaigns are the same, there are always a slight difference in the execution of the campaign. For example, running a film production campaign will requires a slightly different set of reward tiers and delivery method as compared to a physical board game or gadget. 

So if you think that you have a project that you wish to raise funds via crowdfunding, start looking for projects to back. It's a good way to prepare for next year Xmas gifts!

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