Jan 7, 2016

A Comical Summary of 2015 Financial Events

It is day 2 into my wordy and lengthy 2015 investment report and outlook and while researching for my report, I found a couple of interesting comics online. I decide to put together these comic as a pictorial summary of the financial markets in year 2015 while I continue to work on my report. I hope that my readers will enjoy it!

The year started with the Swiss Franc depegging from Euros sparking off a mini currency war across the world.  

The EU continued in expanding their QE program in an effort to revive the European economies.

Throughout 2015, the US Federal Reserves indecision to raise rates created a lot of volatility in the financial markets

The Greek political drama reignited with Greece threatening to pull out of EU but the world financial markets generally ignored the events in Greece.

Investors were enthralled by the rapid rise of the Chinese stock market and its equally rapid crash and the series of clumsy intervention by the Chinese Government in an effort to arrest the fall.

 Meanwhile at the Western world, the debate of immigration rages on due to a combination of the US presidential nominee nomination, Syrian immigration crisis and the Paris terrorist attacks.

Oil prices continued their downward trend throughout the year breaching the $40 defence.

The US Federal Reserve finally decided to raise interest rates at the last Fed meeting of 2015

 So, the question is, will the bull market survive another year?

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