Jun 18, 2014

5 Elements of Successful Investors available at JB Citysquare Popular Bookstore!

 I was told that 5 Elements of Successful Investors are on sale at all major Popular Bookstores around Malaysia a week ago. I decided to drop by the nearest Malaysian Popular Bookstore at Johor Bahru City Square to take a look. And there it is! Sitting right in front of the Bookstore, with a 20% off the retail selling price. I felt my eyes tearing.

My good friend Ben than asked, "Are you crying because you see your book on the shelves or because you are earning less royalties because of the discount."

I replied, "Both!"

5 Elements of Successful Investors is now on sale in all major Malaysian Popular Bookstore! If you are lazy to visit one, you can go online and order it.

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