Sep 16, 2014

Wongamania @ Bursa Malaysia with Sunway University

The Wongamania team, in collaboration with Bursa Young Investor club and Financial Youth Intelligence, conducted the 2nd Wongamania event supported by Bursa Malaysia. We hosted 160 students from Kuala Lumpur's Sunway University. Here are some of the photos and Instragram pictures the students have taken. 

A Funny Episode while Planning for our Wongamania Crowdfunding Campaign

Our Crowdfunding campaign kick off officially on 15th of August.

Setting up the entire campaign is a pretty intense experience. Here is a breakdown on the amount of time I took to setup the entire campaign.

Sep 11, 2014

The Bull Strikes Back! Implications of recent Currency Movements, Global Trade and Household Allocation

The recent "correction" lasted a mere 2 weeks, before the Bulls rushed back into the market to fill the gap almost immediately. Although I managed to take advantage of the correction and allocated a small portion into Europe, the opportunity is lost before I can fully exploit it. However, 2 recent indicators are pointing towards a more sustained correction in the near future.

Sharp Rise in USD

The immediate, most significant indicator is the USD/SGD trend. The USD is often seen as a safe haven in times of global turmoil and there is often a strong accumulation of USD right before any major correction occur. The USD has risen strongly against SGD for the past 1 month from the lows in Aug when the global stock market hit its most exuberant state. The recent sharp spike in USD indicates a strong accumulation of USD by the Big Boys. Something is certainly brewing. Our significant portfolio position in USD money market funds benefit greatly from the recent spike.

Sep 8, 2014

Yeah, I am going to get a high powered, high paying job in the 2nd largest bank in Hong Kong! Or not?

One fine day, I received an invitation for a request for connection at LinkedIn.

Wow. Looks like a big shot from Hong Kong based Hang Seng wanted to make an acquaintance with me! Does she by chance is entranced by my sterling resume, superior writing skills and wanted to offer me a high position job in one of the biggest banks in Hong Kong?

Or she is memorized by my good looks and wanted to be a "friend"?

Sep 6, 2014

5 Elements of Successful Investors - Book Review by SG Young

Thank you SG Young Investment for reviewing our book and giving it such a good review!

I always have much respect for this young gentlemen as his articles are a honest and thoughtful reflection of the money problems of the new generation. It is not surprising that he is able to garner the attention of the young adults as he is able to address their hopes, concerns and problems. I am a regular reader of his blog myself.

Do drop by his blog and take a look of some of his interesting articles at
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