Feb 25, 2015

Wongamania Design Story : Illustrations & Colors (part 4)

You can read Part 1-3 of the Design Story Here

After a huge amount of testing using bits and pieces of paper, Wongamania now moves to another important phrase of the game design process.

Putting a design and face to Wongamania.

There are altogether 54 different card designs on Wongamania and there are many other design considerations which we need to consider too, including packaging, token design, logos, instruction booklet etc. The amount of illustration work to be completed was enormous!

The problem is, my initial entire team did not have any design background and we literally stumbled through the whole graphic design phrase like a couple of blind mice. We were lucky to have engaged 3 very talented young artists, Kaitlin, Olivia, EeLin to help us complete this massive project.

When I met up with the artists, I was bombarded by questions such as moods, colors, styles, themes etc and true enough, I ended up staring blankly at the artists. At that point of time, I was deciding on the theme for Limited Launch Edition. I wanted the game to look fun enough, so as to dilute the traditional mindset that learning about money is boring and tedious while the game must look serious enough, such that it will not deter adults from playing a "kiddy" game.

In order to blend this 2 conflicting concept together, we decided to use a more cartoonish style of drawing, while using a more serious tone in coloring. We decided to pick blue and gold, the traditional color of money and high finance.

Little did I know, that using two colors scheme to color all the different cards was actually a huge challenge for the artists. We were initially presented with a design scheme that focus more on the blue than the gold concept, but I rejected this initial coloring scheme as the cards became too "Batman" dark and depressing. The designers than proceeded to tinker around by adding more gold and yellow into the design resulting in a much brighter theme, though still maintaining the classic colors of gold and blue.That coloring scheme became the basis for the Limited Launch edition Wongamania.

Feb 4, 2015

Up Close and Personal with Singapore's Top Entrepreneur - Kenny Yap of Qian Hu

Hwa Chong Alumni Entrepreneur Club "Kopi" session

Our Hwa Chong Alumni Entrepreneur Club Kopi session has grown from chilling out at a coffee shop at Jalan Kayu at the end of last year to a 30 men (& women) strong kopi session chilling out at Tuckshop. Thanks to the efforts of Joel Teo, who managed to gather (arrowed willingly) a bunch of ex Hwachongians to put this event together. In the last session, we had Mr Lim Der Shing ex CEO of JobCentral to grace our kopi session at Holland Village. This time round, we have Mr Kenny Yap  of Qian Hu Corporation to share with us his entrepreneur journey.

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