Oct 25, 2015

Why Europe Is The Place To Invest In Till The End Of 2015

After the massive bloodshed in the past few months, the world financial markets saw some relief at last with policies makers around the world intervening to stabilize the financial markets.

The Chinese government pull out all guns by announcing a new raft of infrastructure investment projects and cutting interest rates to calm the jittery markets over its slowing economy. The US central bank cooperated by 'hinting" that they may not raise interest rates this year, due to uncertain "external factors" and a rapidly rising USD. Over at Europe, the Greek financial market normalized at last, recovering from the self-inflicted "Grexit" saga earlier in the year. Thanks to the Emerging market crisis, Euro appreciated rapidly in the past few months, prompting the EU central bank to announce a potential round of additional Quantitative Easing (QE) at the end of 2015.

With the financial markets in full rally mode, which region will pull ahead for the year end rally? Here is a break down of a simple analysis across the different regions:  

Oct 17, 2015

5 Reasons Why Every Board Game Designer Should Attend Spiel Essen

To be honest, I am a board game outsider.

I have not heard of Board Game Geek or Spiel Essen until a year ago. I have played my share of board and card games but never really dwell too much on the design and development process of game design. All I had was a wonderful idea for a board game, tested the idea with some friends and went ahead to publish the game thinking that I have done my best and came up with a brilliant product.

My best is apparently not enough when the standard of board game design is so much higher internationally than what it is like locally.

Our humble booth

Oct 10, 2015

How The Commodity Crash can Lead to Another Financial Crisis

The 3Q of 2015 has been one of the brutal quarter the world has ever seen since 2011. Global equity markets were down by more than 10% and the Singapore stock is down by 16% for 2015. Two major events occurred during the month of September that made an already depressed financial market even worse. The first event was the highly anticipated US Federal Reserve meeting in which the central banks opted to not to raise the interest rates out of concern of the slowing Chinese economy. The US stock market tumbled on the interpretation that the US Feds were fearful that the US economy is also slowing down.
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