Aug 23, 2014

Wongamania@Bursa Malaysia with UTAR Kampar

The epic selfie with the students from UTAR Kampar!
23th August marks the first major Wongamania workshop, in collaboration with Financial Youth Intelligence and Bursa Malaysia, to host 130+ students from UTAR Kampar. The event was held in the prestigious Listing Hall at the stock exchange, the auditorium where successful Malaysian enterprises take journey from private companies into publicly listed companies.

The students have a great time learning about economics and bankrupting their friends through unexpected economic crisis. Morale of the day: Always be prepared because you never know when an economic crisis will strike.

Congrats to Munnychan who won himself a limited launch edition of Wongamania as part of the instagram selfie competition. Look for #wongamania in your instagram for more creative selfies that the students took!

Staff from Bursa Malaysia and FYI setting up the tables the night before

Selfie with the hardworking staff from FYI

Adele Tang, the workhorse of FYI explaining the rules of the game
A Paranormal view of the entire Listing Hall

Winner of the Instagram Selfie competition! Congrats!

Aug 20, 2014

A Small 10% Move into Europe

German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives at the EU headquarters in Brussels, to discuss whether to tighten some sanctions in response to the intensifying conflict in Ukraine Photo: Getty

I ended my monthly review post for July with this statement,

"The global stock market has fallen 4-10% since the last week of July, with the European markets bearing the brunt of the damage. It is still too early to call for a market correction yet, as the Bulls haven't really given up the strong rally which they have enjoyed for the last 3 years. However, a stray missile from the Russian backed Ukrainian rebels had started the wheels of a possible 10% correction into motion."

The global stock market has rebounded since a week ago and the bulls are looking to regain their trend after being knock down by the Ukraine crisis. This will be the most critical stage of the Bull run as any failure to turn the investors' psychology around to a more positive one, will probably lead to a lost of control by the Bulls.

Aug 17, 2014

Wongamania Preview Session with Big Fat Purse

Guess who dropped by during the Wongamania preview session?

The entire team from Big Fat Purse came by to try out the game on their own! Glad to meet some of the most prominent and insightful financial bloggers in Singapore!

Aug 13, 2014

Interview with Big Fat Purse

I have always been a big fan of Big Fat Purse and I am pretty honored to be interviewed by them.

You can read about the interview here: Fun Games to Teach You About Finance and Investment

Aug 9, 2014

The Events that Broke the Back of the Bull

The event that turned the tide of the global stock market
Rob Stothard—Getty Images
The global stock market seems to be unstoppable come July 2014. There are some analysts citing that "Selling in May and Go Away" is dead as there was no immediate risk to the global economy. The US economy is growing at last with all major indicators on a rise. The events over at Ukraine had been glossed over as immaterial and the Europe central bank affirmed their decisions to keep interest rates low. Investors were positive over at Asia as China and India seemed to have gotten their economy into order. All was well, until a stray missile shot down an airline passenger.

Aug 8, 2014

Launch of Limited Edition Wongamania with Bursa Malaysia

Team Wongamania and Team FYI
From Left: Oliva Florence Sengkey. Made Lidya, Sam Chiang, Xeo Lye, Teng Hau, Siew Ming, Adele Tang

Today marks the launch of the Limited Launch Edition Wongamania, together with our partners, Bursa Malaysia and  Financial Youth Intelligence (FYI)  at the Bursa Malaysia Building at Kuala Lumpur

We had the chance to share the game with the staff of Bursa Malaysia and a few selected student leaders from major universities in KL. They were among the first people in the world to try out the Limited Launch Edition Wongamania. Everyone I spoke to praise the breadth and depth of Wongamania and many people were asking us when are we going to officially launch the game. I aim to see the main edition of Wongamania to be out by the beginning of November! Stay tuned!

Here are some of the feedbacks on Wongamania posted on Instagram!

Aug 7, 2014

Wongamania Rendezvous with the FYI Team

Met up with the Financial Youth Intelligence Team and delivered the Limited Edition Wongamania. We decided to take a picture while sorting out the game sets and certificates.

Stock checking time! Not forgetting to take a picture during the handover event.

Limited Edition Wongamania Packed and Ready to Go

Here is a snap shot from our game manufacturer on the progress of packing of Wongamania. Here are some of the scenes behind the manufacturing of Wongamania.

Sorting the cards into the boxes

Wongamania game tokens!
Packed Wongamania Game Sets

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