May 11, 2015

Why Don't Students Care About Personal Finance (feat Cheerful Egg and Ke'ichi Wealth Management)

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 The blog post "Why Don't People Care About Personal Finance" by Cheerful Egg  sparked off a flurry of discussion among financial online world with me contributing another article  and Ken'ichi Wealth Management  sharing on his own experiences why people don't care about finance. Kenji mentioned that in his blog post that one of the primary problem is that financial education is not thought in school and he proposed that educators should work on more visual aids like Youtube videos to encourage people to learn more about money. I heartily agree on the use of Youtube videos to engage the general public like what some of the top Youtubers like N.O.C, Jianhao Tan, Wah Bananas and Tree Potatoes.All these famous Youtube channels have one similar point... Very pretty Babes in their videos.

May 10, 2015

Why Don't People Care About Personal Finance (feat Cheerful Egg)

One of the article by one of the top financial bloggers in Singapore, Lionel from caught my eye. The article named: Why Don't People Care About Personal Finance and he gave three reasons:

1) Most people find personal finance boring
2) Most people think personal finance is complicated
3) Most people wanna get rich fast

I agree with all these three points but however, I believe that there is a deeper problem, at least in Singapore from my point of view. I have been intimately involved in many of my clients' personal finances over the past 12 years and I can see a certain pattern why people do not care about finance. Let me break it down by demographics:

The Student (Age 18-24)


Who cares about personal finance! Getting good grades and getting a good job is my top priority. Getting a boyfriend and girlfriend is my second priority! Besides, I am saving on that graduation trip with my bf/gf. I will think about money problems when I start working. 

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