Dec 27, 2014

How Xiaxue vs Gushcloud Saga teaches People to Set Up An Investment Scam

Some of my friends are curious about why I am so interested in the recent Xiaxue vs Gushcloud Saga. (Here is a good summary by Online Citizen ). One of my friend even thought that I was part of Gushcloud.

My blogs are not affiliated with any organization even though I somehow got lucky and my SG Unfit Runners blog managed to get into the finals of Singapore Blog Awards.  What I blog about (Running & Finance) is too niche for these social media organization to take notice. When's the last time you hear a financial blogger being headhunted by Nuffnang or Gushcloud? Nerds (There! I said it!) like us don't make very good influencers (We don't look good in our #OOTD) though we do know how to make money from the financial markets.

Dec 22, 2014

First Shipment of Wongamania 1st Edition Arrives in Singapore!

2 years of cumulative work and Wongamania 1st Edition reaches Singapore shores at last! We have air flown in our first batch of 150 Wongamania sets in order to sent out all our available stock to our Crowdtivate crowdfunding so that receive it before Xmas! We are shipping the rest of the stock in batches in by truckloads and the entire stock is expected to reach Singapore by 30th December. Thank you to all for your support and patience!

Dec 16, 2014

Wongamania's Crowdfunding Campaign Ends. Thank you Supporters!

Our crowdfunding campaign at Singapore crowdfunding platform has finally ended on Monday (15th Dec 2014). Even though it is a pity that we fell short of our crowdfunding goal of $10,000, we learn a lot about the ins and outs of starting and executing a crowdfunding campaign and what are some of the improvements that we can include in our next crowdfunding campaign.

What? Another crowdfunding campaign? Are you going to relaunch Wongamania again?

The Wongamania Design Story: Trimming the Fats and Game Balancing (Part 3)

Here is the story of how Wongamania came to be:
Part 1: The Genesis of Wongamania 
Part 2: Concept to Prototype

In Part 2 of Wongamania Design Story, I was elaborating how I realized that I had stuffed too much contents into the game and I had to trim the number of card designs from 100 to around 50.

Game mechanics testing using pieces of paper.

The first thing that I needed to do is to cut down the number of card categories in the game. The current card categories at that point of time were: Health, career, law, incident, global, professional and assets.

Dec 8, 2014

The Wongamania Design Story: Concept to Prototype (Part 2)

Here is the story of how Wongamania came to be:
Part 1: The Genesis of Wongamania

Initial blueprint of Wongamania

 When I first came up with the initial concept of Wongamania, there is so many cool stuff that I wanted to implement.

The basic concept of Wongamania works like this.

1) Players are given a basic income every turn to help them build up their resource. The currency system and the action cards draw from the same base. Meaning that by taking action, you are losing out on money, while if you try to accumulate money, you will lose out on actions that can potentially earn more money or slow down your opponents.

2) The players are suppose to make more money through investing and taking risk by navigating through an economic cycle that goes through Recession, Recovery, Growth and Stagnant phrase and investing in assets

3) The asset cards consist of stocks, properties and bonds. However, each of the asset class has a different buying price and income flow at each different phrase of Wongamania.

Dec 3, 2014

What Will Happen when Financial Insitutions Reveals the Truth of their Advertisements?

Protecting Wealth for Generations... Until 2007...
 I am sure that we have all been bombarded by advertisements from financial institutions with a beautiful family in a beautiful room looking at their beautiful investment portfolio and smiling happily with a beautiful advisor.

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