Keep Investments Simple and Stupid: 5 Elements of Successful Investors 

The only certainty of economics and markets is the uncertainty of human behavior. That’s the main reason investors end up with different results even when using a set of rules that have been proven to work by millionaire investors. The main differences between these investors are their personalities, emotional states and behaviors. The 5 elements of successful investors can help you achieve a deeper understanding of how different personality types can affect the behavior of investors, and how tailoring a personalized investment style to suit individuals is better than just doing what everyone is telling you to do. This book will help individuals better understand themselves and the world around them, unlocking their greatest money potential.

Co-authored by Xeo Lye And Jonathon Quek, The 5 Elements of Successful Investor is one unconventional material among the very few materials available that combines the study of psychological astrology, human psychology, Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP), finance and investment studies.

The book not only examines the psychology of the investor; it also strives to help you understand your opponents in the financial market. Also covered, is the psychology of some of the important players in the financial world such as governments, financial institutions, financial advisers and successful investors and entrepreneurs as case studies. 5 Elements of Successful Investor is a Popular Bookstore Bestseller.

Book Reviews

"The thing I like about the book is it also has a history of the world economy and how markets performed over the years since the early 1900s. An understanding of history and economics is important in investment as it helps us to learn from past trends which creates a cycle of boom and bust."

SG Young from SG Young Investment

"Xeo believed that an investment strategy must complement an investor’s personality. He noticed many people are going after investment strategies blindly, without first knowing themselves. Hence, the book emphasizes the 4 different types of personalities, illustrated by Fire, Earth, Air and Water.
The best part of the book is that it contains a quiz which aims to find out which element you are."

Alvin Chow from Big Fat Purse

About the Authors

Xeo Lye
Xeo is known for his speaking role in Singapore's national financial literacy program "Moneysense" as well as his involvement in a series of financial talk shows with Singapore's Mediacorp Radio. He is the co-founder of Capital Gains LLP which is a financial games design company that aims to help people understand the complex world of finance through gaming workshops, board games and mobile applications. He's passionate in educating the public on financial matters.

Jonathon Quek
Jonathan Quek is no stranger to the financial education arena in Malaysia and Singapore; having featured in numerous financial summits and expos. He is the founder of SilverMalaysia.comFinancial Youth Intelligence and Wealth Insider Group. He is the author of the best-selling book “Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now?” which is available in three languages, and he subsequently co-authored the first issue of the “Keep Investment Simple & Stupid” book. 

The book is on sale at major bookstores around Singapore and Malaysia. To purchase the book online, visit the our shop at Qoo10 or  Kinokuniya online bookstore

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