Nov 3, 2014

Wongamania around the World - The Story Behind...

Many of you are fascinated on the reasons on why I have been putting Wongamania on my head while traveling around Europe.

Now, everyone is demanding that I put Wongamania on my head when posing with the box game. OMG!

Here is a short history how it came about.

One fine evening, as I was making the movie for the Crowdtivate campaign, I got so bored and decided to take a few crazy poses with Wongamania.

Fooling around with Wongamania while filming for the Crowdtivate Video

While conducting one of the Wongamania workshop at Bursa Malaysia, we held a Wongamania instagram competition. The winner of  the second Wongamania workshop came up with this winning work.

A not very original imitation but won the hearts of the judges
Than people started requesting me to put Wongamania on my head while posing with me....

One of my SG Unfit Runners suggested that I should do a Wongamania around Europe idea and pose with the box on my head. I thought that it was quite a fun idea and I had fun taking many selfies at different locations with Wongamania on my head.

Wongamania at Dubai Airport

Wongamania at Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Spain

Wongamania at Festa de Sant Roc festival, Barcelona Spain
Wongamania at FCBarcelona, Barcelona Spain
Wongamania at Seville Cathedral, Seville Spain

Wongamania at Spain Royal Palace, Madrid Spain

Wongamania at Bolsa De Madrid, Madrid Spain
Wongamania at Monument to the Discoveries, Lisbon Portugal

Wongamania at Bellum Tower, Lisbon Portugal
Wongamania at Remy Martin Manor, Cognac France
Wongamania at Martell Manor, Cognac France

Wongamania at Column of the Girondins on the
Esplanade des Quinconces, Bordeaux Spain
There are many times when putting a game set on top of your head while taking a selfie at the same time draws too much unwanted attention, a more subtle method is required...

Mainly by just putting the card box on a prominent site and start taking tons of pictures of it while passerby watched curiously what this "mad" Asian was doing.

Of course, I acted naturally as if it's a "Asian" thing to be taking pictures of a game box all around the city...

Wongamania @ Seville Cathedral, Seville Spain

Wongamania @ Alhambra, Granada Spain

Wongamania@Real Madrid Stadium, Madrid Spain

Wongamania@St. George's Castle, Lisbon Portugal

Wongamania@Martell Manor, Cognac France

Wongamania@Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux France

Wongamania@Chateau Soutard, St Emilion France

Wongamania@Jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion, St-Emilion France
I had a lot of fun taking travel pictures of Wongamania. Maybe I should start a album for Wongamania Around the World. Hmmm..

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